25 German Shopify Experts, You Should Follow In 2024

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Here you will find a list of some of the most relevant Shopify experts in Germany. Follow these profiles on LinkedIn and stay informed thanks to exciting insights, learn about successful strategies and get helpful advice for you and your Shopify store.

1. Patrick Scherr 

Patrick Scherr is the founder of Y1, a digital commerce agency that specializes in Shopify thanks to the expertise he has gained. He is also the CEO of
codekunst, a business development company. Previously he was at nova, a full-service digital agency for UX and UI design.

2. Patrick Rosenblatt

Patrick Rosenblatt has a passion for personal development and e-commerce. He has been working part-time since January 2021 and uses the rest of his time for various activities such as DIY, mentoring entrepreneurs and personal interests such as philosophy and science. His goal is to live a fulfilling life and share his insights with others.

In addition, Patrick is the co-founder and consulting director of Eshop Guide, a Shopify agency, focusing on process optimization and application integration.

3. Mark Stolzenberg 

Mark Stolzenberg is co-founder of incubado, which is a company primarily active in store and brand development. He is also co-founder of apoio, an e-commerce agency for Shopify, plentymarkets & web apps.

4. Berend Heins 

As the founder of Berend Heins GmbH, Berend supports companies in successfully establishing themselves in online retail. As a podcaster, he shares weekly tips in the Onlineshop-Geflüster-Podcast.

5. Apo Svalley

Apo Svalley is CEO and founder of MarketConsultive, a company that helps founders get started in online retail. Apo is also the author of several books on e-commerce and runs a successful YouTube-channel.

6. Maksim Sapiro

Maksim Sapiro is co-founder of Yoffi Digital, a Shopify agency in Hanover. Since 2022, he has been supporting start-ups and established brands in the development of modern webshops with his expertise in setting up Shopify stores.

7. Mohamed Ali Oukassi

Mohamed Ali Oukassi, founder of the eBakery agency, is a nationally recognized e-commerce specialist with over ten years of experience. He supports online retailers with customer consulting, implementation and optimization of templates, plugins, marketplace connections, as well as marketing via SEO and ads.

8. Bastian Fritsch

Bastian Fritsch works for his own company Bosidev in Hamburg as a Shopify developer and consultant. Through his experience at Snocks, he has developed knowledge in the areas of e-commerce and Shopify.

He is currently focusing on helping other start-ups to develop and optimize their online stores.

9. Philipp Schult

Philipp Schult is the co-founder of Ecom Stack, a portal that reviews and rates software tools selected by experts. He is also the CEO and co-founder of Next Level E-Commerce, an e-learning agency, as well as helping to set up his own e-commerce business with Shopify.

10. Hendrik Arndt

Hendrik Arndt is co-founder of Ecom Stack and Next Level E-Commerce together with Philipp Schult. He also worked as Business Development Manager at Finanzcheck.de. In addition, he put his expertise to good use as Managing Director and co-founder of Be Soulful, a jewelry brand.

11. Anna-Maria Wolff

Anna-Maria Wolff is currently Product Owner Webshop at Edurino, which enables children to learn through play, as a Shopify expert. Previously, she worked as Online Shop & Marketplaces Manager at GG Brands and as Senior E-Commerce Specialist for the German market at MakesYouLocal.

12. Andre Athari

Andre Athari is the owner of AthariCommerce, a Shopify agency that works with stores in the food, fashion and lifestyle sectors. Previously, he was co-founder, Head of Communications and Operations Manager at FARADAÍ, a spirits company.

13. Marcel Habermehl

Marcel Habermehl is Managing Director of the Shopify agency Shopmentor. He has experience in the development and implementation of customized solutions for Shopify online stores to meet the individual requirements and objectives of customers.

14. Adrian Piegsa

Adrian Piegsa is the founder and managing director of Tante-E.com, a Shopify expert agency in Berlin. Adrian is also the co-founder of Merchant Inspiration, which holds regular online and offline events together with other female merchants and e-commerce experts.

15. Laura Ghazaryan

Laura Ghazaryan is an entrepreneur specializing in conversion content creation. She is the CEO and founder of LAAGENTUR. An agency specializing in Shopify and Klaviyo, where she contributes her expertise as a Shopify expert.

16. Henry Auffahrt

Henry Auffahrt is the CTO and partner of BETTER SELL ONLINE, a Shopify SEO agency based in Hanover and Helmstedt. Previously, he was the owner of an SEO and web development company. Henry also gained experience as an AWS architect at Volkswagen Financial Services and as an SEO specialist at Löwenstark Online-Marketing.

17. Andreas Wächter

Andreas Wächter is a partner at beeclever, an agency that specializes in Shopify Plus. He has experience in the development and optimization of e-commerce solutions.

18. Marius Tristan Egger

Marius Tristan Egger is the founder and CEO of cPerformance, which is responsible for developing and optimizing Shopify online stores.

In addition, Marius founded another company in Seoul, South Korea in 2023, where he is intensively involved with Korean culture and helps Korean brands to enter the European e-commerce market.

19. Martin Röchow

Martin Röchow is Co-Founder & Managing Director at Berlin Bytes, an agency for user experience, design and web development. He is also co-founder of dfine.io a remote client monitoring tool. He previously worked as an Area Manager at Amazon.

20. Anas Elimani

Anas Elimani is the owner of Labrigart.Design, a Shopify agency that generates more sales and growth for Shopify stores through data analysis and sound UX methods.

21. Erdem Güner

Erdem Güner is Managing Director of applepie Berlin, an agency specializing in e-commerce that offers Shopify solutions and conceives, designs and programs online stores. He is also co-founder of GetShopper and GetReturns. He also runs the agency Bananapie, which develops customized software with a focus on cross-channel technologies.

22. Robin Junck 

Robin Junck is Co-Founder & Managing Director at we-site, a specialized agency for web design and e-commerce. He also founded the Shopify agency community ecomplus at the beginning of 2024.

23. Marvin Blach

Marvin Blach is an expert in e-commerce, web design and Shopify, who founded the Halbstark agency together with his brother Florian and Jonas Schäuffelen during his studies. The company is one of the first Webflow partner agencies in Germany and also a Shopify partner.

24. Christian Orgs

Christian Orgs is an expert in Shopify e-commerce and full stack development. He is the co-founder of the ShopFabrik agency, which he has managed since September 2019. The agency focuses on helping retailers and online merchants to achieve success with their online stores.

25. Motitz Ceglarek

Moritz Ceglarek is an experienced digital marketing, Shopify and PPC expert who works as Head of PPC at the boutique agency 22tribes.com in Barcelona and Hamburg.

Moritz also shares Shopify tips on YouTube to help online retailers optimize their e-commerce platforms.