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Additional Revenue / Year

+14,47 %


+23,42 %


"Since we implemented RECOVA, we have been impressed with the results. It has really exceeded our expectations!

With RECOVA, we are achieving an average order value that is +14.47% higher than other channels. This has positively impacted our sales and overall profitability.

RECOVA's AI and personalized recommendations have helped us increase customer engagement and encourage them to complete the purchase after all.

Additionally, RECOVA has a conversion rate that is +23.42% higher compared to other channels. This proves that AI is able to provide relevant and tailored product recommendations to our customers and create a relevant shopping experience.

The integration of RECOVA was smooth and straightforward. The RECOVA team provides great service, is helpful and knowledgeable.

The significant increases in average order value and conversion rate have had a positive impact on our bottom line. Therefore, I can really highly recommend RECOVA to any company."

Lena Steiert, D2C-Lead - Groupe SEB Deutschland

Company Profile
  • E-Commerce
  • Home & Garden
  • DACH Region
  • Client since 2022
Feature Usage
  • Recovery Mechanism
  • AI Prod. Recommendation

*compared to avg.

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