Every Exit is a second chance

Get a second chance with leaving visitors, before losing them to the competition. Transform exits into successful conversions and revenue with AI-powered product recommendations (no pop-ups, no retargeting).

Unlocking Lost visitor revenues in every industry
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RECOVA's AI-fueled recovery and recommendation engine provides you with the ability to delight bouncing visitors:

 Increase your Revenue Smart & EFFoRTLESsLY


By default our concierge service is setting up our solution for you.

When you’ve already integrated with the common affiliate networks you don’t even have to care about implementation.

No Starting costs

We do not charge any setup or monthly fees and only get a share of the additional revenue generated by us (CPO).


Increase your revenue and marketing efficiency (CR, CAC, CLV, ROAS) thanks to our recovery mechanism and AI-powered product recommendation.

AI-Powered Innovation Made for e-Commerce


How do I integrate RECOVA?

Our solution can either be implemented through the existing scripts of the affiliate networks without any effort on your part, or you can integrate our JavaScript code directly into your website.

How much is your tool?

We do not charge any setup or monthly fees and only get a share of the additional revenue generated by us (CPO).

Are there any Effects on my UX?

RECOVA improves the UX of your online store by helping visitors fulfil their transactional user or buyer intent.

What about GDPR? 

Anonymized and personal data is transferred to RECOVA. RECOVA uses JavaScript and information in local storage to present relevant product recommendations. For more privacy-related information, please visit 

How do you recover visitors?

Our solution re-engages visitors, that are about to leave your store. When they can’t fulfill their transactional intent and click the browsers back button to go back to their initial traffic source they get reffered to our so called Recovery Page.

On the Recovery Page our AI recommends the most relevant and performant product selection to the visitor in regard to the product that was looked at before.

Up to 30% of visitors get recovered and go back to your store.

What about the Onboarding Process ?

Just confirm you're willing to work with us and we take care of the rest: We set up your 2nd-chance-page and enhance it with our AI-fueled recommendation engine. After you approved your individual Recovery Page, we can implement through the affiliate network tag or you integrate our JavaScript code.


Calculate your potential uplift with our Revenue Uplift Calculator.

Can I add a voucher?

Vouchers help to increase the effectiveness of our solution. So please feel free to provide us with a voucher code and we integrate it on your Recovery Page.

What about SEO and Page SPeed?

SEO is a game of user intents: Who ever satisfies intents best, wins. As we help users to fulfil their intents more often, we even help your website to succeed in SEO.

Loading and rendering speeds are not influenced by our solution.

Do I have to be in Affiliate Marketing?

No, you don't have to be registered in an affiliate network. 

UTM parameters and your web analytics tool will handle the tracking if you are not part of an affiliate network yet.

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