Is a minimum number of visitors or sales REQUIRED?

There are no minimum requirements for using our solution via Shopify.

Do I need a minimum number of products?

With the help of our recovery mechanism, we can even make the distribution of just one product more effective and help generate significantly more sales.

How much additional revenue can I expect?

Within your seven-day free trial period, you will already have a good idea of the potential we have.

2. Features

How do I add a voucher?

Promotional vouchers or coupon codes are a good way to get even more performance out of RECOVA. You can customize them in the recovery page settings.

Can I adjust traffic rules?

It is possible to include or exclude certain traffic sources. However, we generally advise against this, as we can only achieve maximum performance with maximum traffic. You can adjust traffic rules in the Recovery Page Settings.


How can I adjust title and subtitle adjustments?

Recovery page title and subtitle can be customized in the recovery page settings.

What will my recovery page look like?

The design of your recovery page adapts to your theme design. You can view your recovery page by clicking on the "Preview" button in the dashboard.

Can I make more design adjustments?

Further design adjustments are currently not possible.

4. Triggering

How do you recover visitors (mechanism)?

Visitors who finally click on the back button in the browser to return to the previous traffic source and possibly buy elsewhere are shown a dedicated landing page in your design at the last moment, which contains AI-based product recommendations.

How do I test trigger the recovery page?

In general the following conditions should be met to trigger us:

1. Our plugin is activated.
2. The browser does not block cookies.
3. You accept cookies when you visit the store.
4. You perform an action on the page you bounce from (e.g. scrolling, clicking, etc.).

5. UX

Do you intervene when navigating in the shop?

RECOVA only becomes active when a visitor would leave the website via the final click on the back button in the browser. The navigation through your online store itself is not interfered at any time, because our task is to rescue website visitors who bounce off and convert them into customers when they are actually already lost.

Does RECOVA downgrade the user experience (UX)?

RECOVA improves the UX of your online store by helping visitors fulfil their transactional user or buyer intent.

Does RECOVA influence my SEO efforts?

SEO is a game of user intents: Who ever satisfies intents best, wins. As we help users to fulfill their intents more often, we even help your website to succeed in SEO.Loading and rendering speeds are not influenced by our solution.

6. AI

How are recommendations made on the recovery page?

Our algorithm bases its recommendations in particular on the interactions that visitors make on the website, i.e. in particular which products they look at together within a session. Other users with similar behavior are then also shown these products when they leave. This allows us to recommend the most relevant products.

Which products are shown if a user is only visiting the home page?

If we only have limited information about the user intent, we show the currently most popular products as fall back.

How long does it take for the AI to show improvements?

Our recommendations are already very performant at the start. The speed with which the AI further optimises the product recommendations depends on the amount of information it can learn from: The more visits are generated, the more effective the recommendations become.

7. Tracking

When is a sale assigned to RECOVA?

The attribution takes place when a link is clicked on your recovery page and the visitor is directed back to your store.

8. Data Privacy

Is personal data used?

Anonymized and personal data is transferred to RECOVA.

RECOVA uses JavaScript and information in local storage to present relevant product recommendations.

For more privacy-related information, please visit

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